FSE 2008 rump session: Call for submissions

The FSE 2008 rump session took place on Tuesday 12 February 2008. Daniel J. Bernstein organized the program. Tanja Lange served as associate chair.

Most of the presentations are online:
16:45Daniel J. Bernstein (chair)Daniel J. BernsteinWelcome
16:48Erik ZennerErik ZennerOptimised Rabbit codeslides
16:50Marina PudovkinaMarina PudovkinaLinear structures of permutation groups over vector spacesslides
16:55Eli BihamEli BihamTpy is fast and secure (as it has always been)
16:59Yaakov Hoch and Adi ShamirAdi ShamirHash Function Combiners Can Be Secure Even When All The Hash Functions Are Weakslides
17:04Tom Berson, Nigel Smart, Raphael Phan, Orr Dunkelman, Dan PageOrr DunkelmanCFP: The leading Journal in its Fields
17:06Orhun KaraOrhun KaraSome Nice Landscape Picturesslides
17:09John KelseyJohn KelseyNIST Hash Updateslides
17:16Daniel J. BernsteinDaniel J. BernsteinSHARCS vs. SWIFFTslides
17:20Florian Mendel, Christian Rechberger, Martin SchläfferFlorian MendelUpdate on Lakeslides
17:25Florian Mendel and Christian RechbergerChristian RechbergerGOSTbusting Reloadedslides
17:26Florian Mendel and Christian RechbergerChristian RechbergerBug Attacks on Symmetric Crypto - Or: When Strong Animals get ill
17:29Sean O’Neil, Nicolas CourtoisSean O’NeilReverse-engineered Philips/NXP Hitag2 Cipherslides
17:30Orr dunkelmanorr dunkelmanThe cryptanalytic steps of SALSA
17:34Danilo Gligoroski, Suzana Andova, Svein Johan KnapskogDanilo GligoroskiHow to extract the plaintext while following NIST or ISO/IEC recommendationsslides
17:39Alexander Maximov, Dmitry KhovratovichAlexander MaximovNew State Recovering Attack on RC4slides